SAARBRÜCKEN, Germany, March 2023

Once again, our students from INS Campclar have visited the city of Saarbrücken (Germany). Between day 5th and 10th March, this group of 3rd ESO had the opportunity of meeting and living with their German peers and their families.

We had a few days packed with interesting activities and unforgettable new experiences. Among other things, we could see how the school Gemeinschaftsschule en Dudweiler, Saarbrücken runs and its facilities, without forgetting the lovely reception we were provided. There, our students could also explain the main features from their own school back in Tarragona and the surroundings, and how they have been working the SDG’s along this present course (nº5 Gender equality and nº11 Sustainable cities and communities).

Moreover,we enjoyed an interesting tour through the lovely city of Treveris, whose ancient Roman past had a lot of similarities with our own city, Tarragona. Finally we could also sightsee around the cosmopolitan city of Saarbrücken and know about its curious past.

In a few words, it has been a rewarding experience that helped our students to discover a new culture and they also became aware about the importance of dominating other languages, specially English, to travel abroad.
Vídeo elaborat pels alumnes participants

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